This is not the same house like The White House in the U.S. where a president lives.

Baguio city is not only famous for honeymooners, foreign and local tourist but also famous for thrill seekers. Baguio is a place for ghost hunters and the White House along Leonard Wood Road is one of the well-known haunted places in the city. 

The Laperal White House 

However, this house is very famous in my hometown and been featured in many tv stations, especially during All Souls Day or the month of November. All souls day is known for hunting souls, ghosts or spirits. Baguio city is famous for that spirit hunter during the month of Halloween. Baguio city is famous for many youth who studied spirit and has sixth sense. One of their favorite subject or place is the White House located in Teacher’s Camp. This white house was the ancestral home of the oldest and among the richest in Baguio city, the Laperal clan. The house was built in 1920. During the Second World War the Japanese soldier brutally murdered most of the family members until then the house remained uninhabited except for the caretakers who lives outside the house within the gates. You can take pictures from outside the gates but you cannot go inside since the new owner restricts it. There are many stories and rumors about ghost haunting the place, residents nearby says they hear moans and saw white lady and shadows inside the house. 

Here are few shots of the house taken by a local visitor hunting for ghosts and this is what he caught by his camera. Take a closer look and try to figure what you can see with the photos below.

                   something in the window 

                     zoomed in 

             can you see something ?

Well, this is for those thrill seekers and you can checked out more haunted places here in my hometown.


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  • Aroosa Hermosa on Sep 13, 2011

    what’s there I can’t c.It’s blur.

  • Suni51 on Sep 13, 2011

    Ghost and souls, a scary house, seems a good one though. :(

  • Prakash Vaghela on Sep 13, 2011

    nice sharing

  • juny423 on Sep 13, 2011

    thank you guys…more haunted places to come ,,,:)

  • toomanysounds on Sep 14, 2011

    Creepy! Nice share!

  • anne on Sep 14, 2011

    hahaha. i wud like to stay for one night in there! hahaha. :D

  • juny423 on Oct 11, 2011

    @ Anne,

    Sure, you can always stay there as long as you want :)

  • juny423 on Jan 24, 2012

    thanks for your comments guys :)

  • juny423 on Jan 26, 2012

    Thanks again :)

  • juny423 on Feb 2, 2012

    thanks :)

  • juny423 on Mar 26, 2012

    i’m here again..thanks again guys :)

  • juny423 on May 7, 2012

    @ aroosa,

    Thanks dear :)

  • fan on Oct 23, 2012

    parang matandang panot.

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