Who is Ms. Kristine U. Hipol?

Who is Ms. Kristine Hipol? Better known as the “White Phoenix” She is the eldest among 5 siblings, a writer, editor, composer by profession who had devoted most of her life to public service in a way only few could understand. She is one woman most say think with her heart more than her head which is the constant cause of her pains yet putting her heart in everything she say and do is the core of her personality. A compassionate woman whom they say bear a smile that could calm the most savage of souls. A lover of music depending on her mood but highly favors, soft, country, classical, and medieval and ethnic music with the enchanted beat of tribal drums.

She is woman who bear high regards to honor, trust, and respect, a sensitive soul by nature who takes into notice every small detail as the touch of the wind, little gestures made in a blink of an eye. Though it is this sensitivity that makes it so easy to bring forth tears when hurt or happy. However, when hurt beyond her understanding, she possessed a “running away” habit, the desire to seal out the whole world or just simply scream to her heart’s content.

However, once enraged, she unleashes a vile platonic temper that will bow to no one, though somehow bonded with a chain called “silence” When engaged into anything, she is a woman of full focus and dislikes to be disturb, though she would set aside anything for anyone who needs her.

People who know her say she is a kind, sweet, person who bears the heart of gold though it is never seen by her own eyes. An old fashioned female Shakespeare whom they say touched and captured the hearts of many by simply being herself.

Phoenixes were not made for the bitter cold but flourish with the embrace of the sun. Though they seem to wither under the grasp of the cold, they are known survivors against the claws of cruel fate. They may seem to disappear from sight not from weakness but regaining their strength in silence, waiting, resting till the ember of strength regain its immortal flare through faith and love from our Creator,family, and friends I am Kristine, one of those phoenixes, warrior, friend, sister, and servant of God known as the “White Phoenix’

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