Searching for a bargain, a shopper unwittingly falls into some else’s love life.

            As we left the pier and the amusement park behind us and continued our stroll on the boardwalk, the prevailing light source became the moon and the countless stars sprinkled across the black velvet of the night sky. We walked in silence because there was nothing that needed to be said. We both felt complete within each other. The reflection of the moonlight upon the surface of the water beckoned like a glowing pathway to eternity and we were drawn once more down to the sand and the surf.  Hands clasped, while also carrying our shoes, we walked in the wet sand, letting the expiring waves wash up around our ankles as we went. The water, though much cooler than it had been that afternoon, was nonetheless comforting and soothing.  The beach was quiet and empty and ours.

            We moved back up from the waters edge and tumbled into the sand and one another’s arms. Our kisses, no longer gentle and playful, became urgent and purposeful. In our eagerness, she tore my shirt, and though she apologized, in her voice there was just the faintest tone of triumph. As my hands moved over her body I committed every square inch to memory. Her breathing became ragged as she yielded to her passion and her submission was generous and complete. Soon, our cries drowned out the noise of the surf around us.

            Afterwards, we lay side by side, tightly tucked into one another. Passion’s sweat was now chilling on our bodies, yet we were reluctant to part. I gently cradled her chin in my hands and gazed into her wide-open eyes and for the first time understood what it meant when I promised that I would love her forever. I wished that the world could stop at that very moment and leave us frozen in the little bubble of a universe we had created.

            Suddenly my reverie was shattered by the sound of electrical motors engaging. I turned my head sharply to my left and saw the three garage doors going up.

            “It seems the rain is finally letting up,” said the woman in whose garage I now once more found myself. I pulled the handle on the chair, lowering the footrest, and stood, not sure how much time had elapsed since I had sat down. I looked out the door and realized that it was still mid-afternoon. The rain was letting up but the sky was an indication that more rain would be coming.

Liked it
  • ahmad joko setyawan on Aug 22, 2009

    Very intriguing, imaginative and creative write! Excellent work indeed!

  • I Have Had Enough on Aug 22, 2009

    I love your stories David; and I always feel you are challenging yourself and your creativity (which can only be a good thing for your readers). The way the narrator is drawn into the picture was especially vivid for me; and I feel you presented this quite well. It had shades of ‘tales of the unexpected’ or the old hammer horror compilations. I must say, I really enjoyed this; and I look forward to your next piece.

  • Mikayla on Aug 25, 2009

    ‘Hammer Horrors’..that’s goin’ back a few years Gringo!..hehehehehahaha..David Crerand..LOVED THIS..
    ‘The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.’
    William Faulkner.

  • Mikayla on Aug 25, 2009

    ‘Hammer Horrors’..that’s goin’ back a few years Gringo!..hehehehahahaha..David Crerand..LOVED THIS..
    ‘The aim of every artist is to arrest motion, which is life, by artificial means and hold it fixed so that a hundred years later, when a stranger looks at it, it moves again since it is life.’ William Faulkner.

  • BradONeill on Sep 3, 2009

    Every day that begins with one of your stories David is a good day. What a fantastic tale. I loved everything about this and although I should have seen the end coming I was so enamored by the experience it caught me by complete surprise. Thank you for sharing your imagination a fine gift for your readers.

  • XXElleXX on Sep 4, 2009

    :-) ))))))Oh wow! This short story was enchanting David and the ending was magic!

  • Butterfly Musings on Sep 6, 2009

    WOW, amazing, I love the ending, it took me by surprise, an awesome read, I love the way that you create such a visual in your writing, it is pure magic, :}

  • Theresa Johnson on Sep 8, 2009

    very nice piece david. great addition to the anthology

  • BullwinkleMuse on Sep 8, 2009

    Love it, David. Even as the ending unfolded with a sense of inevitability, I couldn’t help but feel anticipation at every turn. Excellent write!

  • Duff D Moss on Sep 8, 2009

    That was so captivating – and a lovely little mysterious twist at the end. Great work bloke.

  • Tlchimes on Sep 8, 2009

    I love this…. This is a style I really enjoy. Wonderful

  • raptor22 on Sep 8, 2009

    Captivting story. Great piece of writing.

  • Littlekid137 on Sep 8, 2009

    Wow very captivating. You wrote this in a style I have never seen before. Awesome work.

  • Used to be Shelly on Sep 8, 2009

    Wow that was good. Nice ending. :)

  • oldster on Sep 9, 2009

    Greal tale David, gently told.
    Enjoyed it even though I’m hopelessly unromantic.

  • STEVE666 on Sep 9, 2009

    Got quite engrossed in this tale, David. Well written, with a nice twist at the end. Well done!

  • Brenda Nelson on Sep 9, 2009

    well worth the read, I enjoyed it!

  • June on Sep 9, 2009

    What a magical story! I can not wait to read more.

  • Rod Ferrandino on Sep 10, 2009

    David, this was a captivating story; the only thing that happens when I fall asleep in my swivel-rocking-recliner is that I wake up buried in cats.

  • 8uuuuyy on Sep 11, 2009

    hey david,
    awesom work!
    i really loved the way you got me involved into this, absorbed. well done.i’ve got a couple of works on my drawing board, and so i know, how much you’ve spent behind this.

    have you tried to publish this, mags or comps?
    i’ would say, you do it, coz its really good!

  • maranatha on Sep 23, 2009

    This was wonderful! Especially the sand in your sneakers… (Theme from ‘The Twilight Zone’ echos through my head)

  • lillyrose on Sep 23, 2009

    wow… that was so great, I want to see the picture!!

  • lillyrose on Oct 29, 2009

    I reread this story and noted all the visual and speech and the more I read the more I got sucked in and that was what you were talking about and I see how working in the present tense makes it seem more here and now. I did work in present tense in my “Picture Perfect Story” but I get lots of people asking if its a true tale and its not! LOL pure fantasy x

  • Mila Marcos on Dec 3, 2009

    What a magical story and so beautifully told.

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