A short story I wrote about a young girl who is struggling to make the best of a bad situation. Something all of us can relate to in some way.

The day was cloudy and overcast, and looked like rain. Raven picked up her pace and hurried along the vacant sidewalk. She approached a rundown building and wished for the millionth time that she was someone else, anyone else. Someone who could walk on by this dump and continue on to a nice house, with loving parents and the cares of a regular high school senior. Raven choked back tears and shifted her backpack to her other shoulder. She trudged up the cracked cement steps and slipped through the door. She walked down the hallway barely taking in her surroundings. The floor was covered in faded carpet, that had some sort of rose pattern on it; hard to tell what it was after all the years of being trodden on by the buildings various inhabitants. The walls were covered in grimy gray wallpaper covered in fingerprints and dirt. Raven hurried along the hall and paused in front of an elevator. She pushed the up arrow and the ancient door crept open. She stepped in and waited impatiently for the elevator to make its slow ascent to the fifth floor. Finally reaching its destination, it slowed and the door opened. Raven rushed down the hall, not unlike the one she had left on the first floor except for doors lining each side. She reached a door with the number 347 on its face and yanked it open. Inside there was no evidence of a parent being home, her mom was off working feverishly at the local hospital and her father was most likely at the local bar, drinking it up with his buddies. The only adult there was a large form on the couch, who’s head jerked up as Raven walked in. 

“There you are! I don’t have all day to sit here and wait for you to come home! I have a life of my own you know, I expect to be paid extra for this inconvenience!” Elsie’s voice shot across the room from her spot on the couch. Raven sighed, yeah looks like you’re doing oh-so much, just sitting there watching TV, where are the kids anyway, ya old grouch? Aloud she said calmly, “Sorry Elsie, work went a bit longer then usual, it’s Friday ya know, the rush…”

“I don’t care about you or your ‘rush at work’,” Elsie’s voice took on a mocking tone, “I need to get home! I’m missing my show!”

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