This is a short fictional story about how two young couple found their way back together in the end.

We started out as friends but not just any kind of friends. Actually, we have this kind of love-hate relationship way back in high school. We both share the same thing. It’s the fact that we hate each other so much to the point that we want to plan each other’s memorial plans and kill each other to be done with it. 

When our friends started teasing both of us that we might have secret feelings for each other, we started to distance ourselves from each other. What people were saying about us were tearing us apart and that just might have made me realize that I really did have some hidden feelings for him.

High school ended and so is our so-called love team (that’s what most of my friends call it). I spent the rest of the summer wondering what could have been if I had just at least told him what I was feeling. I know that even if it was a bit embarrassing to tell it straight to his face, at least he knows and maybe, just maybe, he might have felt the same way too. That thought was keeping me half-asleep and half-awake the whole summer. 

Years have passed, who would ever expected this to happen? Seeing him again buying a new pair of Nike sneakers in a sports shop after so many years made me feel happy and nervous at the same time. I didn’t expected him to still recognize me because I was different now. For the past years, I was living the kind of life I had always been wanting and he obviously was doing the same. 

I was headed to the bookstore, mentally telling myself to forget that I saw him when I heard his familiar voice that always sounded like music to me, calling me, “Hey curly girl!”. Yes, curly girl. It was always his way of teasing me since I always had a curly hair and I always had the same hair cut ever since. Only this time, when we met, it was a lot shorter than before. I never really expected him to know who I was but it was too late to turn back now. I turned to see who was calling me that way and when I saw him, I said, “Hey fat dude!” in glee. 

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