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Black and confused thoughts revolved in his brain. He was not in a position to advise on and arrange them to calmly consider their position and wisely grounds to fight against self-preservation efforts.

In this condition, he walked forward, without looking, wherever he went. First in the neighborhood of the city, he received an eye for his surroundings. He saw double-gate, and heard from the street Kerameikos the murmur of the numerous pleasure walking, which enjoyed the cool star-decked night’s clarity.

He stopped, for in this mood he bore not to see or be seen. Behind him lay the cemetery. He turned and went there.

In the gate he was stopped by two oncoming men. As he walked past, put one of them his hand on his arm and pronounced his name.

Unpleasantly surprised, stopped Charmides, patterned man and recognized Peter, Homoiousians bishop.

– Clement, said he to the young man who followed him, go before me to the city. I shall soon be after you at home.

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