Three fish.


There lived three big fish in a lake. They were close friends, but quite unlike one another.

One of them was wise whatever he did was after careful thought.

Another was intelligent and resourceful. For any problem he had, he would use his brains and find a solution. He was ever cheerful.

The third fish believed in fate. Whatever was to happen? Would happen, and nobody could stop it.

One day, the wise fish was leaping about in the water. The heard a fishermen telling another, “what a fine one that is, and big too. This lake is full of good fish. Let us fish here tomorrow.”

On hearing this, the fish rushed to his friends. “Let us leave this lake. This canal here will take us to another lake.”

“I don’t think I will leave this place,” said the resourceful fish. “If the fishermen came, I shall find some way of saving myself.”

The third one said, “I have been here since I was born. Why should I leave the place of my birth?  Whatever will be, Will be.”

The wise fish did not want to take any risk. He left the lake by the canal and went to another. The fishermen came the next morning and cast their net. The two friends who had not left the lake were caught in it, along with many other fish.

The resourceful one immediately thought of a way out. He pretended to be dead. The fishermen threw him out with the other dead fish. He managed to crawl to the edge of the lake and jump in.

The fish who believed in fate kept jumping up and down in the net. One of the fishermen struck him dead.


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