A little boy’s struggle with an abusive alcoholic father. It has a message, so grasp it.

As a child whether you’re abused or you’re the king of the house, you still get punished. Sometimes the kids that never get punished to the punishment worse than they should and no matter who it is they’ll do just about anything to avoid the punishment. Some kids may even turn to suicide, and that is exactly what I want to talk about.

May 2

Hi my name’s J.k., that’s short for Jack Klintsin, I’m 11 and like to play with my toys, and ride bikes. My dad…. well I’ll tell you about him later, anyways my mom likes to cook a lot and doesn’t have a job she’s a housewife, my mouth really hurts after I fell off my bike. I’m not to good in school but I try my best because my dad says if i don’t get good grades then I got it coming to me.

May 5

On my way to school today some kid took my new journal and started to read it to the boy beside him and I kicked him where it counts (thats how my dad says it) and took it back, the other boy chased me but I was faser then him and i knew it. When I got to school my teacher asked why I was keeping a journal and I told her because I write in it when I get upset, keeps me from getting in trouble.

My dad gets angry when I cry, he hollers a lot, I don’t tell anyone about that though. She asked me why I have so many bruises and cuts, so I told her that I fell off my bike. I really love my dad, and he tells me it’s for my own good says it’ll help me be a man, to be strong. He only does that stuff when he drinks theis pee stuff, and tells me never to drink it. But when I ask him why he drinks it he just hits me.

April 3

My dad took my journal away from me for a long time because he said it was to wimpy and girlish to have a diary, but I told him it was a journal and he broke my hand by squeezing it to tight. I cried a lot that night, not because my hand hurt but because my daddy got drunk and beat my mom until she didn’t move and then he started to cry and smacked me.

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