A little boy’s struggle with an abusive alcoholic father. It has a message, so grasp it.

He said it was my fault, and told me to go to my room, it was hard for me to leave her there but I didn’t want any more bruises cause my teacher might make my dad go away and I love my daddy and I don’t want him to go away even though he does hit me and my mom. He still loves us, it was my fault anyways….. I hope my mommy’s ok.

April 4

My mommy went to the hospital last night cause she wasn’t breathin my dad woke me up when the ambulance got their and after they left he said it was my fault and said if I do anything bad again he was gonna kill me. I went up to my room and cut all my lizards heads off with the scissors and said it was their fault my dad was mad and drank that pee stuff.

April 5

My dad said he was sorry for everything and hugged me. He started to cry, I felt bad and thought it was my fault, he said I could stay home from school and go to the hospital after we went to the store because he said he wanted to by me a bike.

April 5 (night)

When we got the bike we went to the hospital and the doctors asked my dad a lot of questions and told me to stay with my mom, when the doctors were done asking my dad questions he seemed really mad, and told me we were leaving. On the way home my dad got that pee stuff again and started to drink it, I hate those doctors.

April 6

I rode my bike to school today but before I left my dad tolk me not to lose it or else. I knew what the or else meant so I didn’t plan on losing it.

But on my way to school the two bullies started to make fun of me for having my hand wrapped up they said that I must be some kind of wussy and said that a feather probably hit my hand or something. Then one of them said they should take my bike, so I started to ride faster but they kept up with me because my book bag was heavy and one of them pulled me off my bike and the other one threw it over a bridge. I hope my dad didn’t drink that pee stuff because he’s gonna be mad.

April 7

Last night my dad didn’t come home and my moms still at the hospital. I think I’m gonna kill myself, I don’t want to get hit anymore.

This was the last entry J.k. ever wrote because on that night J.k. went to the woods behind his house and shot himself with his dads gun, why, because if he didn’t his dad would’ve. Would he? no because the reason his dad didn’t come home that night was because he got sent away to state prison for life, and his mom came home fifteen minutes later and soon found her son dead the next morning.

If Jack wasn’t so fearful off his abusive father to the extremes he was, he would’ve lived a better life. He could’ve grown to be the greatest scientist that ever live. He could’ve cured cancer. But thanks to the abuse of his father and the fear he had, his life was ended. Think of your future don’t throw it away, seek for help, it is out there.

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