Dennis thinks it’s better to give than receive but Fido doesn’t.

Dennis was a big dog who dribbled a lot.

He couldn’t help it. Saliva cascaded out of his mouth whether it was open or closed and even licking his chops served only to fling the drool over anything or anybody within a yard.

The large bone he was carrying, smothered in spit and with a ribbon clumsily attached, was clamped firmly between his jaws as he padded heavily down the snow covered alleyway. He stopped when he came to the overturned wooden crate that had become the winter home of Fido McNutty.

McNutty was in residence, sound asleep and snoring loudly.

Dennis dropped the bone in front of the crate. ‘Merry Christmas, Fido,’ he burst out excitedly and pushed the bone toward his hero with his nose.

McNutty awoke with a start. He peered out of his shelter and glared at his gift with contempt. ‘Is that all? You woke me up for that? You think I’m interested in something you’ve slobbered all over. Haven’t you bothered to get me a decent present?’

Dennis was hurt and perplexed. It looked like a perfectly good bone to him. There would be plenty of dogs travel miles through a blizzard to get hold of one of those. There was a week’s chewing on that baby.

‘Sorry Fido.’

‘So you should be.’

‘I didn’t think..’

‘No,’ sneered McNutty, “you didn”t. So get lost and don’t come back until you’ve got something more fitting for someone in my position.’

Dennis wasn’t sure exactly what that position was but he knew that now wasn’t a good time to ask.

‘Did you get me a present, Fido?’ he asked eagerly. ‘Didja?’

‘What is it with you?’ McNutty exploded. ‘You’re always wanting something. Gimme, gimme, gimme, I want, I want. How selfish can you get?’

‘Sorry Fido. I just thought with it being Christmas time and all..’

McNutty glared at him and Dennis slunk off through the snow with his tail between his legs. He was well meaning but clumsy, a mobile disaster who didn’t know his own strength. McNutty bullied him mercilessly like he did with everybody.

Once Dennis was out of sight around the corner McNutty had another look at the bone, tore off the ribbon and started chewing it noisily.

Dennis was now determined to do better at trying to please his friend. He really didn’t want to be thought of as selfish. He thought and thought but it was no use. Ideas didn’t come naturally to him. He decided he needed help in that department so he went in search of Jerome. Jerome was always hatching schemes and was something of an expert in that field. He also knew McNutty as well as anybody did although, for some reason that escaped Dennis, most preferred not to.

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  • Dee Huff on Dec 9, 2007

    Another riveting episode in the continuing saga of Fido McNutty. I really enjoyed it, and I loved the ending. Poor Fido, he always ends up getting the short end, but you can’t feel sorry for him.

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