This is a list of the most famous and the creepiest urban legends, some of which age back to middle ages. Most of these legends are just myths, however some of them are based on real life events, and two of them is absolutely true.

10) The (Vanishing) Hitchhiker. It’s one of the most famous urban legends, inspired by ghost stories in various forms about a ghost of a woman hitchhiker. Basically in most of the versions a driver picks up a strange lady hitchhiker and suggests driving her home. When the driver reaches a strange old house, which apparently is strange hitchhiker’s home, he realizes that the lady is gone. He decides to go to the house to check if she’s there, only then he finds out from an old lady who lives in the house that the hitchhiker that he’s referring to was killed many years ago on the same spot that he took the hitchhiker. In my opinion it’s one of the most famous urban legends – even now we can find similar stories on newspapers after many years. 9) The Hook. The most famous cliché horror urban myth among teenagers. All versions contain a pair of teenage lovers on a date attacked by a killer with a sharp hook. The story has been around for many years and have changed dramatically. It even inspired some horror movies including “I know what you did last summer”. One of the earliest appearances of “The Hook” in print was in a “Dear Abby” column dated 1960. 8) The Killer at the Back Seat. It’s one of the most ironic urban myths. The story goes like this: a young lady drives home after a nice night at a local bar. On the road she realizes that she’s being followed by a man, who is flashing his cars headlights. She tries to loose the follower, by she is not able to do that. After she realizes that she’ll not loose the strange follower, she runs to some local house and asks to call the cops. Only then she realizes a both ironic and terrifying truth – the follower was trying to save her, because he saw a man with a butcher’s knife on the back seat of her car. 7) Women under the Bed. An urban legend based upon a picture of a scary woman, which is lying under the hospital bed. According to the legend, a young man who’s in the bed, has accidentally killed a woman in a car accident, thus the spirit of the women has come to take revenge on him. However, that’s not all the myth. This pictured has been floating around the web for years and according to the myth, people who had received the picture via email and didn’t send it to other people have died. The pick:

  6) The Body in the Bed. Young couple decided to spend their honeymoon in Las Vegas. They rented a motel room, unfortunately the room had a bad odor. They called the reception to clean up the room, however after double cleaning still had the same bad smell. Than the guy became so mad the he decided to find out the source of the bad smell by himself. And guess what he found inside the mattress? A dead body of a women of course. It’s actually a real story. 5) Barack Obama is a Muslim. One of the newest urban legends, which states that Barack  Obama is a Muslim and was born outside US. Some versions claim that he was born somewhere in Africa, others even claim that he’s a terrorist. Of course this urban myth is fake, but still it would be really scary to live in US if it was ruled by a Muslim terrorist

  4) Black Agnes.  A girl who bets her friends that she’s able to spend a night at the cemetery is found dead on the arms of a terrifying statue. There are many forms of this urban myth, however most of these versions happen in the US and the main character is a teenage girl. One of the most famous versions is the story about Black Agnes statue. The legends tell that the famous statue is of a man who died due to unhappy love, thus he’s killing girls from the grave.   3) Bloody Mary. If you will go into the bathroom and chant Bloody Mary thirteen times in the dark against the mirror, she will appear and tear your face off. Bloody Mary sometimes goes by the names: Mary Lou, Mary Jane, Black Agnes and hundreds of more.

2) Aids Mary.  The morning after a one-night fling, a man walks into the bathroom and finds the words: “Welcome to the aids club” written on the mirror with the lipstick. 1) Kidney Thieves. According to the legend a guy goes out to a bar, meets a girl and after some good night sex opens his eyes only to find out that his kidney is stolen, and he has a phone strapped on his hand to call 911. The scariest part of it is that it is absolutely real. Yeah it can even happen to you.

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  • Payge on Apr 19, 2011

    I only know about bloody Mary,you suprised me with the rest of your scarey list.Gives me a chill down my spine just thinking about it.But still a good read and liked it.

  • !scary stuff seeker! on Dec 20, 2011

    THIS STUFF IS ALL FAKE! apart from Bloody Mary, I’ve seen her in my mirror……..

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