This is a little snippet of what might go through the mind of a nucleus of an atom of Praseodymium.

Since the beginning of time, I have had big dreams. Dreams of making a difference, of saving a life, going to outer space… that would be sweet. Unfortunately for me, I’m not a very big guy. Microscopic, actually. My name is Nuke. No, I’m not a bomb, I’m a nucleus. Of an atom of Praseodymium, element fifty-nine on the periodic table, of the Lanthanide series. I don’t get to do much. All I do is sit around while those giant electrons go zooming about and combining with other atoms to make compounds and molecules. Sometimes they move so quickly I’m thrown back in shock and it gets to be pretty scary. I wish I knew what was going on out there, but it’s all way over my head. Fred Proton told me the other day that we were being used to make glass. I asked him what glass was. He didn’t know. Alec Electron screamed out something about metals as he flew on by. I asked Fred what metals were. He didn’t know that either. I wish I knew what a window was. I wish I was big enough to see this window Alec mentioned. I doubt even he’s seen it. It’s way too big for us. We never get to do anything important…

Praseodymium is used in aircraft engines.

Check out the band Element 59 on facebook and youtube! They are awesome and I love them. :)

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