The number of quotes about electrons, barium carbonate, and bonding is astounding.

“The nucleus of an atom is like a marble on the fifty yard-line of the Houston Astrodome. Wow, that would be scary. Especially with all those electrons flying around. Someone should write a creative story about the life of a nucleus.”- Chem Daddy

I did. That story will be included in another part of this bonus edition.

“OH SNaP!”- Bartender/ Cafeteria Lady when Oxygen, Hyrdogen, Sulfur, Sodium, and Phosphorous walked in.

“Ribbon? What element is that? What is the charge of ribbon?!”- Walby, freaking over a question about a piece of magnesium ribbon.

“We’re making people that have graduated.”- Dover. We were making alum.

“You have a syndrome named after you. It’s an honor. We could write a paper about you.”- Chem Daddy

“Violent atoms.”- Chem Daddy

“Electron: ‘I can’t take it anymore! I’m so negative!’”- Chem Daddy

“I was a polar bond five minutes ago.”- Chem Daddy

“Carbon and Nitrogen!”- Chem Daddy, mocking Shelby.

“The electron hangs itself.”- Ladler

“He figured that out and had it named after him? I could’ve done that.”- The Russell Factor

“Zero? I’m never taking a shower again!”- Chem Daddy. Someone thought the ph of water was zero… big mistake.

“Let’s talk about cute little molecules.”- Chem Daddy

“Caterpillars. Shaping the way we do AP Chemistry.”- Nickles

“Because the iodine is fat and you’re not attracted to fatness!”- J.T. I really don’t know…

“That’s like 500% plastic.”- Junior, playing with a McDonald’s toy. That he got from the prize box. In his eleventh grade AP English class. At 17 years old. Seriously.

He broke it.

(to be continued)

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