“I think we make a lovely couple!”- JisP, referring to George Lopez. I swear, they’re straight… I think.

“Stop pulling up my shirt, Blake!”- Junior

“I had to use a sports bra.”- George Lopez. Btw, George Lopez and George are not the same person. George Lopez is a boy, George is a girl.

“He tickled my pencil.”- JisP

Warning: This quote was scratched out. Someone didn’t want it in there, so he stole the book and scribbled over it. I still know what it says. ;) “I’m not even going to be a gay porn star! Why do I need to know this?”- Nickles

The next few stemmed from the rest of that conversation… I won’t explain what they were talking about.

“It burns. I would know.”- Ladler

“This is expensive, high quality, hardcore…”- Ladler

“Why would I watch porn about canals?”- Ladler

“My humps, my humps, my lovely lady lumps. Check it out!”- Nickles

“Sleepover!”- Junior

“What is this white stuff on my pants?”- Chino

I warned you…

You are officially scarred. Join the club. No really, there’s a facebook group. Called The Quote Book.

P.S. Ehgn.

Liked it
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