Not gay as in lame, gay as in homosexual. I didn’t say them… but, you know, some people…

“I sing California Girls in the shower.”- Donovan

In reference to my mega-binder, Helga: “I can get one and name it Olga, and they can have braids and viking helmets, and they can be lesbians, and they can be married!”- George

“Me and Caitlin are lesbian mothers, and ya’ll are our children. We are all a family.”- Flutie Mommy

“I MISS WALPOLE!”- Nickles

“I’m gonna go into the gay-rage now.”- Junior

“I’m just phobic to Jake when he’s gay.”- Cunnor

“Hey Blake. Want to go on a mandate?”- Junior, the punny valedictorian.

“You’ve got Ashlee after you, Alex after you, [Gator] after you…”- Chem Daddy

“Do you wanna see my watercolors?”- Brake. At this time, we were not aware of where this came from, but we were later forced to sit in a circle with ten people and watch the video on my laptop. We were scarred enough already, and the video made it ten times worse. Look up “Old Gregg” if you don’t know. It’s definitely gay.

“Molly; you got a little too close to my watercolors. Your eyes got wet.”- Brake

“Better shape than Jacob Walpole. And he’s been working out.”- Chem Daddy

“Do you wear a swimsuit?” “You don’t need to wear a swimsuit.”- Junior and Chem Daddy

“Ttfn. Ta-ta for now.”- Junior, the British.

“You have a pink pen?” “Magenta!”- Me and Junior

“Trying to play footsies with me? I knew you liked me, Jake, but…”- Chem Daddy

“I like your tie. It’s freakin’ hip.”- Nickles

“What is studyfag?”- Kelly Cooper

“I smell my fingers after I eat cheese.” “You’ve told me that before…”- George Lopez and JisP

(to be continued…)

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