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“I’m not going to touch it! I don’t care how squishy it is!”

“What’s all this white stuff?”- Junior

“What am I going to do with Berkes’ dongle? I want my dongle!”- Chem Daddy

“You don’t see him throwing up in his mouth all the time.” “Well, I do, but it’s like a snack.”- Dover and Chem Daddy

“Nick’s feeling himself.” “One half of my ribcage is higher than the other!”- Chem Daddy and Nickles

“That’s not milk.”- Junior

“He’s TRAWLIN’!”- Junior and Ladler

“OLE’ BABY!”- The freshmen know who said this.

“How’s Dad? Oh, I’m good. Why thank you, Dad!”- Flute Guy. He’s his own father, apparently.

“I love hair. Everything about it; the color, the cut- the texture…”- George

“If Molly were pregnant with Brice…”- Ladler

“No matter how hard I rub these balls will never go away.”- George Lopez… I think he had something drawn on his arm… I don’t really remember… Nor do I want to…

“No, but I’m working on that.” *wink, cluck tongue, and point*- Gator

“It looks gross. I’m gonna shake it.”- Junior

“Don’t touch me there!” “Is that your no-no square?” “No, but I like it somewhere else.”- Flute Guy. O.O I touched his ARM!

“Ron should have married Ginny.”- Gator. Think about it… now throw up.

“I was the best bunmaker.”- Chem Daddy

(to be continued)

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