A creative writing project of my own. Just a little thing that came to me one night as I was staring out the window. I could hear trains in the distance.

I’m out here, sitting on a bench now. At the bus station of course. Or the train station. I’m waiting on something. I’m not sure what. Time just seems to pass with out any definition. Just passing. My watch stopped ticking years ago. It was just a vanity piece now. On time now, the bus or the train. Remember I don’t know what I’m waiting for or where I’m going. I just sit here staring listlessly as the melodramatic drones roam the yard squawking at cell phones and small children. Rushing for something? A very important date? A meeting? A funeral? Maybe if the hasty weren’t so wasty with their time. Id still like to know what I’m doing here, or there, or where ever I am. This could be a different realm, I could be floating in between reality and a place of yesteryear. Things do seem a bit foggy. That could just be the condensation on my glasses. I like the different realm theory myself. Hanging on the edge of what once was. The sepia toned walls and floor. The old grainy feel of everything. Its like being stuck in a B movie from the 60s. I wonder when I get to leave. What if i don’t ever want to? Maybe I can stay. But nothings really happening for me here. I am just lost in a series of beautiful things. I see butterflies and such. Lady bugs dancing on the panes of the dusty glass. Oh, its coming back to me now. My hands are old, wrinkly. How did I age so fast? I was young. A child. The summer of 65, we were headed to Alabama to spend the summer with Maw and Paw. This is the train station. I’m confused now. Where did the time go? Why couldn’t I remember? Why couldn’t I forget?

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