Trespass Within the Loins.

Thorns as it stands, and the shadow of being harlow and out right shallow. A circumstance through the heart with no romance. A candle which was dim, but eventually went out. Invasion with an intruder, but a heart fell cry, and with love, I gave it a try.

Maria desperately longed for romance, and looked for love and being loved. What she found was no romance around. She went to a bar to forget and drown out her feelings in sorrow. Maria wasn’t looking for love in the bar, but a man caller was about to set off her alarm. An attractive man named George Cupid was about to step up to the chase. He approached Maria, but of course, she was a bit perplexed. She absolutely felt his charm and wit, but there was a big question over Maria’s head.

Meanwhile commotion on top of commotion was going on at the bar within the Happy Hour period. As Maria finished her last sip of her drink, Midnight Sleep, she suddenly felt unbalanced, and her head started spinning like a globe of a sphere. Apparently, Maria had passed out, but when she came too, she was at Mr. Cupid’s apartment at 333 Memory Blvd. He had made several advances on her. Maria was on the bed with blouse unbuttoned and her unmentionables discarded. Later, George was staring at her loins and wanting to do another hunt on Maria’s body. At first, Maria was in somewhat of a daze, but suddenly the daze became an occurrence with utterance, and Maria let it be known, “I know what you did and what you wanted to continue with your game on. Her screams were emotions and mannerisms were conditions that apply. Afterwards, George abruptly told Maria to get out of his house. She obliged.

The predetermined process with a human just being a must. It was life in what it means, but be careful in extremes with the message of themes. “To relish within the ash, but be ready to prevail within the dash”.

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