Louis Dumkowski decides to face the loan shark to whom he owes money, and surprisingly is forgiven and hired, along with his friend Cleatus Washington. He even gets a girl friend for the first time, and that’s when his troubles really start.

     She bustled off to the kitchen, leaving Louis and Cleatus sitting on the couch.

     “Man,” Cleatus said, after she’d gone.  “You really screwed yourself up good now.”

     “What am I gonna do?”

     “Well, the way I see it, you ain’t got a lotta choices,” Cleatus said.  “If she want to have the baby, you gotta get married.  That sho’ is gonna mess up our livin’ arrangements.  I ain’t wantin’ to be stayin’ in no ‘partment with a pregnant woman, or a baby.  Damn, I gotta be lookin’ for another place to stay.”

      “That all you can think about?  Shit, man, I’m in a mess, and all you can think ‘bout is yourself,” Louis said.

     “Look who talkin’.  Heck, Louis, all you ever think ‘bout is yourself,” Cleatus said.  “Well, now you gonna have to be thinkin’ ‘bout somebody else.”

     That brought the conversation to a halt.  Louis couldn’t really argue with his friend.  He had to admit that he seldom thought about anything other than his own comfort.  Now, his comfort was definitely being threatened.  He enjoyed having Cleatus as a roommate.  Cleatus was something of a neat freak which meant that every part of the house, except Louis’s bedroom, was kept pretty clean.

     “Shoot, Cleatus,” Louis said.  “You know I like having you as a roommate.  You and me been best buds since grade school.  Heck, man, we Salt ‘n Pepper.  I don’t wanta break up a team like that.” 

     “You mean, you don’t wanta have to live with somebody who might make you pick up yo’ dirty drawers off the bathroom floor, is what you mean.”

     “Aw, now that ain’t fair,” Louis said.  “I pick up in the bathroom sometimes, too.”

     Cleatus snorted.  “Don’t matter no how,” He said.  “Way I see it; you gotta do the right thing and marry the girl.”

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