A short story about a girl’s feelings and her unforgettable moment kissing a guy.

Unforgettable Kiss

Angela felt  some kind of attraction towards him, at the very first moment she saw him. But she didn’t even, in her wildest dream thought that she would be sharing beer with the one she had coffee at her first official meeting. Angela met Raphel in an official meeting. Raphel is a handsome, smart and successful business man. They met once or twice, purely official. But this time, Raphel took the initiative for an informal meeting, for a drink. He was eyeing her, while they were sipping beer. They both started talking; talked a lot about career, then about price rise, social stuffs and finally both opened their personal lives to each other. Was it because of the same wave length, or because of the secret of beer that they were sharing? Don’t know, whatever it is, now they can feel more closeness and comfort among themselves. Even she felt a kind of trust and security in being with him. Once their beer is done, he moved to get the car while she waited outside for him. She could clearly feel the giddiness of beer all over her head. She got into the car and they started moving. They kept talking and talking that they didn’t realize they reached her place.

Actually she didn’t feel like parting from him, she could sense a strong connection with him.  As he was saying bye to her, his hands were running over her hair strands, which gave her an added kick. She felt cozier sitting next to him in that car. His hands slowly moved down from her hair to her soft and plum face, ran all over her face from fore head, to long sharp nose, then to her thick red lips and down to her slender neck. She could feel an electric wave passing all over her body. He moved close to her and suddenly kissed on her forehead. By this time she lost her control. He was looking at her, straight into her eyes. She could not bear his look; she blushed like a red cherry. Some invisible force pulled them closer to each other. They were sitting so close to each other now, that she can feel the warmth of his breath. His warm breath pulled her even more closer, now there is absolutely no distance between their lips. Both the shivering lips clashed immediately. The touch of his lips made her shiver. The warmth of lips gave way to the wetness of their tongue. Their lips got locked as if no force can part them at this moment. He sucked her lips as if to drain honey out of it, he rolled his tongue inside her mouth. Her hands automatically hugged him; her hands ran all over his hair. His hands were touching all over back, squeezed her that she could feel wetness in her private parts. They were kissing so hard and it lasted for seconds and minutes; and finally withdraw the lips only when she gasped for breath. That was an unforgettable moment in her life which made her feel that he is the Man. After years, she still cherish those moments with a kind of pleasure.

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