I’ve been playing around with the law of attraction for many years now. This is a short story of how I managed to attract some incredible experiences with horses.

I remember being 3 or 4 years old when the universe brought me an opportunity to experience a beautiful horse. 

I was on vacation with my parents when they decided to rent horses for a guided tour up a canyon pathway.  I sat in the saddle in front of my mother.  I don’t remember anything about the scenery, at that time, because that amazing creature had my undivided attention. I was completely captivated by this animal and I remember feeling intense love and gratitude for my new four legged friend, because it was serving me in a perfect way, by allowing me to ride on its back.  I couldn’t keep my hands off it.  Petting it was the only way I knew how to say “thank you” and it was the only way for me to give something back. 

I  stepped onto a path of self discovery, and that day I learned that,  I passionately enjoy horses.  It was easy to allow horses to dominate my thoughts after that.  I daydreamed about horses.  

When I was 8 years old and I knew how to read I had an opportunity to borrow a book from the library.  The type of book I was naturally drawn to were always about horses.  I was working with the law of attraction even though my parents didn’t own horse property and I didn’t know what the law of attraction was.  

It wasn’t at all reasonable for me to ask my parents for a horse so I never even considered talking to them about it.  By the time I was 10 years old my father bought a horse and kept it on our neighbors horse property.  I also began spending summers at my uncles home in Idaho where he own several horses that I rode.  The first job I landed was working in my uncles little fast food joint called THE HUNGRY HORSE drive-in during the summer when I lived with him. 

I can honestly say that, to this day, I still appreciate the scent of a beautiful horse.

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