There is no such thing as "perfect" marriage. Like everything else in this world, marriage always has flaws when you look closer and in details. What is missing in a marriage, often times is unnoticeable. Silence and harmony don’t make a marriage last forever.

            After many years of friendship, Jon and Bernice decided to take a vow before God, “Till death do us part…”

            Their wedding night seemed as routine and normal as any other night. They didn’t particularly feel the excitement as others because they had been living together for many years before marriage. With or without the marriage certificate, they had already been married. However, they just felt as they need to announce their union to all people they knew and made the marriage officially in witness of others.

Their closeness wasn’t bubbling or sparkling as in other newly weds but their love was exceptional unique. They were childhood friends, high school sweethearts and they were first love to each other. God made their fates intercepted for a reason. The love they had for each other was pure, beautiful, and innocent. Their relationship was based on strong foundation of love and mutual respect. They have known each other so well that talking was no longer necessary. During their marriage, everything seemed so peaceful. They rarely had arguments. They coordinated with each other’s habits, interests, and behaviors extremely well.

            “What a perfect couple,” I would say. They should have received a trophy for “Perfect couple of the century” if there was one. They were a perfect match. No one would dare to criticize the relationship. No one would be qualified to pinpoint if there was anything wrong with the marriage. In fact, there was nothing wrong with this beautiful relationship, absolutely nothing.

They went to bed before midnight after kissing each other goodnight. As a little girl, Bernice loved to listen to bedtime story, anything that Jon could come up with; and Jon was an excellent storyteller. After finishing a story, Jon kissed his wife goodnight. Their sleeping arrangement was unique – each of them slept in different bedroom. This way, they felt comfortable sleeping in their own beds and the sound of Jon’s snore would not disturb his wife; especially Bernice has always been such a light sleeper. 

Platonic love was what they have – a real and valuable friendship was the main theme of their relationship where sexual intimacy has never been part of it. Before and after marriage, physical needs had never been an issue. Bernice had never interested in sex and Jon had never shown his concern or talked to his wife about their sex life. Thus, this topic seemed to be insignificant in their relationship. However, in the end, the absence of sex, which used to be nothing, had led to the end of their thirty years of relationship.

Fifteen years into their marriage and after thirty years from the first day they met at high school locker room, Jon said to his wife, Bernice,

“I know you enjoy seeing me suffered; but that’s okay, God knows and gives me strength. God sees all. You refused to fulfill your duty as a wife and you don’t need to justify your own feeling and your sinful acts to me. You have never considered what I need and you could careless if I have been living a celibacy life all these years. Remember what you had sworn when we exchanged vows before God on our wedding day. You betrayed me, your husband, and God sees all! You just watch me suffer in silence. That’s the kind of wife you are. God loves me and he constantly reminds me that even if I love someone with all my heart it doesn’t mean that person would return my love or she might love someone else. I need no one! I don’t need you. You are a sinner and you will be punished. God will give me justice. I have faith and you will see.”

First love is the beginning of love

First love is unforgettable

When one first breathes in love

First love is the sweetest dream

First love reminds you of your innocence

First love changes with time

Time does not stay still

First love won’t be your last love

For it never lasts

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