This is a story about teen violence.

            “That’s their problem.” Jordan laughed.

            Bishop and Missy raised their voice at each other. Some students in the class were not paying them much attention, but others laughed and made jokes, especially the area where the Goodfellas were.

            “Missy, stop playing games and give Bishop some head.” DeVante announced.

            Everybody in the class laughed loudly. Bishop definitely was not amused with that remark.  All eyes were on Bishop as he walked to DeVante’s direction. DeVante let his guards down, a fatal mistake. Bishop grabbed DeVante with such force and tried to slam him on the floor. The whole class was quiet and could not believe what Bishop did. DeVante was not trying to go out like that, as he threw punches to keep Bishop away. The two of them wrestled on the floor briefly before the fight was broken up. It took half of the class to keep them separated.

            “You just started something that you can’t finish.” Bishop continued. “I never did like Harlem players like you, act so arrogant and flashy. Starting tomorrow whoever is from uptown in this school is getting beat down.”

            “What?” Jordan said. “I’m not getting touch by nobody. I’ll slap fire out of you!”

            “We’ll see.” Bishop said, as he walked out the classroom.

            “I can’t believe you disrespected me like that.” Missy said to DeVante. “If you’re my friend, you wouldn’t have said that.”

            “Listen, I was playing!” DeVante said loudly. “How the hell is I’m supposed to know he was serious? You do not see me getting mad when you say foolish things about me.  I don’t have any love for you or your player hating boyfriend.”

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