This is a story about teen violence.

            “Are you going to school today?” Jordan asked.

            “Yeah, I’m going.” DeVante answered. “I’m only going to my first two classes and that’s it. After that, I’m staying in the lunch room and play spades all day.”

            “I’m down with that,” Jordan said. “So, I meet you in front of the school.”

            “A’ight, one,” DeVante said.

            “Later.” Jordan hanged up.

            After a few minutes of staring at himself at the mirror, he liked what he saw. The diamond studs in his ears, the baby blue Versace button-up dress shirt, the all white fitted baseball cap and Air Force One sneakers. He also had on his iced out cross that his girlfriend gave him for his birthday. Now it was time for him to go.

            On the subway ride downtown, DeVante was listening to Ma$e’s debut LP, Harlem World, in his CD player. The train was crowded, but he managed to find a seat. He went through his folder to make sure he had all his homework for all his classes. He felt relieved that he did, so he sat back and got more comfortable waiting for his stop.

            About twenty minutes later, DeVante arrived in front of his school, New York High, and saw his friends Jordan, Kehoe, Curley and Pridgen standing there talking. In the school, he and his friends were the Goodfellas. They were young Harlemites who were the coolest, flyest and funniest dudes in the school. They enjoyed cracking jokes on students whose dress code were not up to par. What made the Goodfellas unique was the fact that they could pass as brothers because of how strikingly they resembled each other with the brown skin and clean cut appearance. The only difference between them was that Curley and Kehoe were huskier and less flashy. It was common to see the Goodfellas wearing new sneakers, Timberland boots or any materialistic thing before the release date. In all, everything they did, they did it with style!

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