This is a story about teen violence.

            “What’s going on, fellas?” DeVante said.

            “We’re chillin’, playboy.” Kehoe said.” Your girl, Keyshia, just went in. She said second and third period she’ll be in the gym.”

            “Good looking out.” DeVante said.

            “You know it’s the big day, right.” Pridgen told DeVante.


            “Today is that English exam,” Pridgen continued. “It’s 45% of your final grade. Are you ready for it?”

            “You know I’m ready for whatever.” DeVante smiled.

            “Let me guess, you have one of those cheat sheets?” Pridgen said.

            “You know it.” DeVante laughed. “I’m the dirtiest player in the game.”

            All of them started laughing.

            “Yo, check it out, I want y’all to come over to my house Saturday for this spades tournament I’m having.” Curley said. “It’s going to be crazy!”

            “It’s just a waste of time because everybody knows me and DeVante is going to win.” Jordan said.

            “They know.” DeVante agreed.

            “Here they go again with their nonsense.” Curley said in a bored voice.

            “I know,” Keyhoe continued. “I had to hear their mouth all last week and the week before that because they won some money from me.”

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