Over the internet are many sites telling of the story of Stull Kansas or one of the Seven Gates to Hell. This is the true story. Legend or not.

You can find countless stories of “The Gates to Hell at Stull Kansas Cemetery” but all are just as they seem urban legends. Stories range from the Witch hung in the tree by the Church to the Church being one of Seven Gates to Hell. Just go on one of the sites by searching for Stull Kansas and see what you get. The details sum up to that the legend never was heard of until the seventies when a student at KU printed about it in the paper. From then on it took off. Many people swear it is true. So much so the town of Stull has torn the Church down and fenced the Cemetery in to keep intruders out. They all deny that there is any truth to the stories. They are correct in that fact. It is only a Urban Legend created in the late mid sixties by several students from Highland Park High in Topeka Kansas.

To take you back to the Sixties it was a time of change. The war was just taking hold in Viet Nam. Monster and Horror movies were hot item at local drive ins. Teen lust was rampant and long drives in the rural areas around Topeka was the lovers lanes of the day. So any chance to get your girl out and away from town was the thing to do. So after a couple of movies at the drive inn you always wanted to get alone for awhile. Enough said for the reasons why. So with haunting the topic any ghost story was spread fast in High School. Now Stull is a small town about 20 miles East of Topeka with many rural back roads leading to and from it. A sleepy little place with a cemetery on a hill located downtown. With only a couple of houses in town no one noticed much going on in the cemetery late at night. That is if you ever got there. So Stull became a great place to make a Urban Legend.

It became simple : Many years when the area was wild with Indians and buffalo the town of Stull was settled. Near the town was another small town settled by a Cultish group called SKULL. The said it was because of the skulls they found in the area. Now the folks of Stull were close so when one of the towns folks son venture to Skull for a little love with a local girl there nothing much was thought of it. But this girl took the young man in to her house where there were sheets covering the walls. This seemed allright to the boy just wanting to be alone with the young lady for a while. So during a bit of passion on the only piece of furniture in the room a couch the girl excused herself and let the boy sit there alone for a minute. That is when the boy stood up to adjust himself, so when the sheet suddenly fell the boy saw the real reason for the sheets. On of the girls brothers had just swung a large sledge hammer at the exact spot the boy had been sitting. Scared for his life the boy ran as fast as he could out of the house when then he was greeted by several other of Skulls town folk all with the look of death according to the boy. He managed to escape and got back home to tell his story. So Stull rounded up all the men and proceeded to go to Skull. Needless this resulted in a fight with Skull denying all the story and that the boy had tried to attack the girl. Anger flared as words flew without mercy. Guns were drawn and a massive battle ensued. Stull being a lager and better armed bunch won the fight. Most of the towns men of Skull were gunned down. With blood lust in their hearts the men of Stull went mad and began a killing and burning of the entire town. So when the cries of the women and men were not heard for a while the Stull’s men realized what they had done. The gathered up the bodies and burned them with the town and blamed it on Savage Indians passing across the area. The only problem was they did not kill everyone. So here comes the curse on Stull for killing all the people of Skull. Stull was to be cursed for its crimes and the Devil was to open up the earth each year and take a life and soul from Stull till their debt was paid ten fold.

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