I gave her everything… What did I get back?

I was so excited I couldn’ eat – I’ll never forget that night

I had spent so much, but I was still able and ready to spend much more

I had stolen the money – passing money from Dad to Mum had it’s merits

I was going to get her – I had done everything I possibly could

I’ll probably never remember everything I bought – only that there wasn’t much I got locally.

The cake was locally made, though; as was the card – they had to have the personal touch: my own words and design.

I’ll probably never forget what the dinner was, however – I had spent weeks working it out.

There was chicken and fried plantain on aros compoyo – I remember because I never ate it: I couldn’t.

The package had been huge – so large my sister couldn’t see around it.

I had brought it in the trunk of my old rattletrap, and she was taking it into the dormitory for me – for her.

There was the cake and the card, and there was the teddy bear;

And there was the roses and perfume, and there was the note in the package.

That had been midnight – 14th February 2001… some eighteen hours ago

And now there was her, and me, and the heap of food between us.

I couldn’t eat it – I was too excited; I could only drink from the juice

One I had specially chosen taken to the restaurant hours earlier that day asking them to chill it up and serve when she and I made it there.

They are always beautiful, the girls that make mincemeat of us – and she was no exception

I had been smitten by her 13 months now with not so much as one real kiss between us.

But tonight I was going to bag her affections because I had done everything right a brother in college could possibly do.

Tonight she was loving it too becuase there she was in front of me looking lovelier than ever.

She was still looking lovely when minutes later she broke my heart.

I had asked her out again – lost count how many times previously – and again I was sincere.

She was sincere too when she looked back and told me those words I never want to hear again:

“I like you; I really like you, but only as a friend. I am already going out with somebody else.”

Why do they do that, these pretty ladies? Why do they care so little and break your heart so big?

I had been out of the picture only one month prior following an insult I thought she should apologize for.

She liked me a lot and I knew she did; plus, her friend told me days before that there was no contenders but me.

But now I was sitting across the table from her, pretty as she was, and now even the juice was straw in my mouth.

It was a Valentine’s Night I’ll never forget, although one I wish I wouldn’t remember so much.

It was a time in my life so piivotal because it has so influenced the rest of it.

I saw her profile on Facebook weeks ago and she was married to another.

Thank God I’m married to mine now, but I wonder how anybody could marry her…

The woman who put daggers in my heart!

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  • smokychristine on Jun 1, 2012

    I can understand the hurt, but your last line suggests a bit of a need to work on forgiveness.

  • blanka on Jun 2, 2012

    Thank you. I finally did.

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