The resonance of my own footsteps in darkness confirms the reality of my torment.

Vampire, always Vampire, but I am nothing more. My world is of darkness and shadows. My existence is an eternal void that will never again see the true light of the world. Even the sound of my own name is a curse to my ears. Paludus; I revile the shrouded call. I have roamed the earth for centuries past. Never having a friend or a foe to fill my loneliness. Mine a soulless life, devoid of pleasure, save one single act.

God will you hear me? Will you not end this life? I am empty and spent without hope of death’s freedom. I walk a path without pity, long over due my rest. I would tear out my own heart but to no avail. You would replace it yourself to prevent my departure. Let me escape from the curse I chose for myself. My choice was immortal, outside your just law. Had I known your great and perfect justice, would not I have turned another way?

The footsteps go on; no future, only a past…..

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  • Gone. on Nov 21, 2008

    Very very interesting. Nice write, Rj.
    God bless you. DEBBIE

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