With war just hours away, those assembled for humanity’s last stand wait in nervous silence for things to heat up. Just what are the Undead waiting for, and why?

“Shit! That’s the last thing we need!” Ryan exclaimed.

“True, but Cheyenne Mountain is keeping us updated with what they find. They have people out there observing what’s going on.”


“Cheyenne Mountain, please be advised. Please be advised. A new beast has been released. Swarms. They move like locusts or termites, stripping anything living that is in the open. Warn those in Salt Lake. Over and out.”

That had been the last message heard from Hiller. Then silence. Commander Trend hoped that his observer was still alive. He had not heard any mechanical sounds. No hatches shutting. Nothing. It concerned him.

Hiller had been a good soldier. One of the best. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if the young Lieutenant had been lost. What would he tell the soldier’s parents? Did he still have parents? Did any of them still have any loved ones?

Trend had relayed the message to Salt Lake. Then, he tried to raise Hiller. Damn. No answer. He hated this awkward silence. Then Hiller’s signal came back to life.

“Sorry, Sir,” came the Lieutenant’s voice, “the damned things knocked out the radio for a few minutes. Had to close our hatch and wait them out. One of the boys made a break for the dish and got it set back up, but never made it back to the tank. We reclosed the hatch and locked it before the damned things had a chance to get any more of us. Not one of us has been wounded. Just down one team member.

“Seems every time we turn around, there’s a new breed thrown at us. Seem to be coming from everywhere. It’s getting insane out here. I hope the rest aren’t having this much action.”

“I hope not either. Not had any news from the other observers. No news is good news, I guess. Means all is quiet in their quadrants.”

“Guess so. Will let you know any other developments. Over and out.”

“Ok. Over and out.”

So there they had it. Another New Breed. Something more to worry about. What else would they have to face?

“Yes, that Cheyenne Mountain. That’s where they’ve set up a central command.”The diminutive man vanished. Suddenly, Magnus was left with his thoughts. If they had thought they’d had troubles to begin with, they hadn’t known the half of it. He knew, now, what the damned undead had been waiting for. They had been waiting on the mutations to multiply their numbers. Things didn’t look good. His friend returned with the two leaders in tow, bringing him back out of his thoughts.Jonas,” he said, half in thought, “go get La Sorta and Dearborn. We need to meet in private.”

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