With war just hours away, those assembled for humanity’s last stand wait in nervous silence for things to heat up. Just what are the Undead waiting for, and why?

Still, fear was a great motivator. It drove the survivors to learn all they could in as short a time as they could. Made them build the best possible fortifications they could as quickly as possible. They didn’t want to take a chance that anything might get through and be able to spread the disease inside the compound. It just was not an option.

With the appearance of the miners, mudjacks, sand hogs, roughnecks, and loggers, they had some who had expertise in shoring walls and building earthworks. It gave them a little more breathing room, as well. These rough and tumble brawlers were ideal soldiers, even if they had a problem with authority. Perhaps, with tow female leaders, they would be more liable to listen. Especially since both were excellent marksmen.

Of course, there were still those who were trying their best to undermine the leadership, but they ended up in isolation. No one wanted to hear them and justice was usually swift and to the point. Talk treason, get put on sentry duty. Continue, end up in the brig. Continue after that and be executed, but not after a few times of being flogged or going through some other serious punishment. If beatings didn’t settle the treacherous talk to a whisper, death was the only option left.

And other ‘last-standers’, as they had begun to call themselves, tolerated none of those who were bent on treason. There was no time for such nonsense. No reason to argue with who had what. Those in command were there because of their experience with what they were over. The Hunters were experienced in spotting, recognizing, and killing the undead. The lycanths, well, they were experienced hunters and brought in food. Dearborn was the originator of the much needed sera he now promised he would produce. He had done it once, they believed he could do it again.

And Magnus, well, he had opened his sanctuary to them. For that, they were grateful. And he knew. He had known that they were all coming. That made him invaluable in the case he might be able to foretell the coming wars before they hit.


At once, all the groups headed for Salt Lake from the east became one large army. The lycanths doubled their patrols back into the group. They didn’t want any tags to attach themselves as the group moved ever westward. They had finally reached the mountains of Wyoming and knew they had only a short distance to go.

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