A chapter from the short-story “Cooperation Principle” by André Klein.

img by Duchamp via Flickr

Day and night the rambling ascetics in India are sucking their chillums to transcend their bodily existence. The highest elder of the Coptic church of Egypt sees Cannabis as the original Form of the Holy Communion, Body and Spirit of Christ in one blend. The children of Shiva praise Ganja as a present of their saviour which transforms their life on earth in no time at all to nothing but smoke and mirrors.

  Cancer and AIDS patients are relieved of nausea and sickness, Rastafaris and rare Gnostic Christians are convinced that the Tree Of Life is rooted in the weed and that by smoking it communally, they are closer to their Creator’s fruits.

  It reduces the intraocular pressure of glaucoma patients. Studies speak of positive effects with ailments like Tinnitus, irritable colon, itching and hiccups.

   According to the Bhabishya Puran, a person who pays homage to the love-goddess Kama in form of a hemp plant on the 13th moon of Chaitra shall multiply the number of his children and grandchildren. The Chinese princess Ma Gu walks placidly puffing away on the Path of Infinite Harmony. Mary and Joanna hallow the female vegetable.

   We were just bored.

“Third floor, room 303”, says Kolja.

  He opens the zipper of his jacket. The orange cap with the two brown stripes stresses the perfectly round shape of his head. Under a vertical forehead two glassy pearls sit in their caves: Green; with a streak of grey.

  “Have you heard of the Enneagram, dude?”, Kolja asks.

  Originally I wanted to tramp through Asia: The classic trip; with a backpack through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, China, India; Malaria, Dengue Fever, Hepatitis A and B excluded; Alone and undisturbed.

  While Kolja is organizing orgies in Pat Pong; in the damp braid of Bangkok’s bars; Kolja Anteyl is the name for disc jockeys and drug tourists, not because he does his thing especially well, but because he’s the only one.

  Methamphetamines, Super Skunk and industrial break beats fresh from the spinning plates; Manned by jockeys from Bristol, London, Cologne, New York or Mannheim, which got their flying ticket paid and received their salary never in monetary form.

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  • JosephMartin on Jun 26, 2009

    the more man smokes herb, the more complacent he becomes, thus reinforcing babylon. thats how i’ve always seen it.

    interesting read though

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