A short story I wrote a couple years ago.


Nathan always was a loner. His IQ was higher than anyone else in all of his classes. His pushes his glasses back up onto his face as he worked. His project is nearing completion at the Boston Medical Center. If his superiors found out what he was doing, they would fire him on the spot.

Donella is a beautiful young woman who lives in Houston. She had turned heads since she was in high school. Many a boy had fallen in love with her just to end up heart broken. She hated her job at the bank, and fantasized about being rich. She hated her boss who was constantly hitting on her trying to get her to go out with him. She was afraid to tell her boyfriend what her boss had been doing.

After finishing his project, Nathan quits his job at the Medical center and heads out to Houston. He buys himself a house and moves into it. He scouts around the city looking for the perfect candidate. He isn’t sure what he is looking for but when he finds the right one, he will know. It takes almost three months before Nathan wanders into the bank where Donella works. He sees her at her desk and knows right away she is the one he has been searching for. Finishing his business, he goes home and plans his strategy.

The Move and Setup

Three weeks has passed since Nathan came into Donella’s bank. During lunch break, a dozen amber roses are delivered to her desk. The card is not signed and simply says, for the most beautiful woman in the world. Looking around trying to figure out who sent her the flowers, Donella lifts them to her nose and smells them. The wonderful fragrance of the roses filled her whole being. It is as if they are roses from heaven whose fragrance is so much more concentrated than normal roses. Nathan watches it all unfold from the street.

While eating ramen noodles for dinner, Donella flops down on the couch to watch some tv. She loves watching the old movies that come on at night. She dreams of Cary Grant, Errol Flynn and Humphrey Bogart. They are her type of men, lovers but not afraid to fight. Hopefully she will have her dream man some day soon. Her eyes get heavy and she drifts off to sleep.

Sitting in his workshop with the lights turned low Nathan keeps a watch on his computer screen. His project is nearly complete and soon he will know the outcome. He knows Donella has fallen asleep and it is time for his work to start. Just a few clicks of the mouse and everything starts coming together. A little manipulation with the mouse and he finds what he is looking for. He uploads the program and waits to see it work.

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