A short, short story based on something I saw one day.

   ‘ I just turned 13 years old today,’ Wednesday thought to herself. So, being that today is my birthday. I guess I could say I’m not 12 any more but, not quite fully 13 either. Life isn’t going to change to much for me. Last year in middle school and heck is going to break out. I didn’t quite realize it tell the day I walked into St. Roco’s.

Waking up the day after my birthday and it’s the first day of school. I got to get up and figure out what to wear. I haven’t bought anything new in two years. Mom is single and had been since dad Died when I was ten. Every since then, hasn’t seemed to be going so hot for her. Myself, I have to deal with my life as a kid. Mom, always told me that you can carry on after almost anything. I’m not sure I believe it yet.

Getting out of bed was real hard. To many, thoughts about what is to come. Not knowing if I’ll make any friends. Not that my one and only friend isn’t going to be hanging out with me. The slow walk to my closet to find something to wear, seemed slower then I thought it was. Flipping through this and that in my closet, I finally found the outfit I was going to where.

Grabbing that outfit of blue jeans and a blue short sleeve shirt, I went to the bathroom. But, on the way I saw the calender. It was Wednesday, just like my name. ‘ Oh, great I thought. If that don’t beat all.’

Walking into the bathroom, jumping in and out of the shower. Drying off and getting dressed. I made it back into my bedroom to make up my bed and grab my backpack. After getting downstairs, my mom had left me breakfast in the microwave. She heads to work early and works 12 hours. She’s usually home about the time I get out of school.

Set the timer and opened the fridge to grab the milk. When the timer goes off, I sit down at the table, eat and rinse off dishes. Out the door I run to the bus stop. Two minutes later the bus shows up.

Emily Stronghold was a popular girl in my class. She and her groupies always sit in the back of the bus. I sit next to my friend Lucy Micheal’s. Me and her have been good friends since about 5th grade. This day was still looking up for now. The school was about 20 blocks away from my house and to many times I tried to tell my mom that I could walk it. She always said no.

  ” Lucy, hey! How was your summer?” I asked her.

  ” Hey, Wednesday! Summer break was awesome. I spent most of the time at the pool or on the beach. Hope you like my tan?” Lucy said.

  ” Sure, you look nice. Well, another year of school ahead of us.”

Just then the bus swerved. I grabbed ahold of the seat in front of me. The bus swerved again. What came next was life changing. Our bus driver was having a hard time controling the bus. The next thing I remember was the bus running a red light and smashing into another car. It hit the car so hard, sending it straight the opposite way. We still hadn’t stopped yet. Next we hit an on coming truck about as big as us. After that everything went dark.

I don’t remember hearing any sirens coming. In some funny way, I think I was dead.

I opened my eyes and in front of my was a huge bright light with a figure standing in it. Whom ever it was, didn’t say anything to me. Just motioned for me to come. Once I began to walk into the light, everything I knew was different. Angels with wings, large clouds floating around and then, I was stnding in from of the pearly gates leading into heaven.

I knew something was going to happen to me. Never thought it was going to be me dying. What wonders will come for me in a place I never knew existed. How glorious things turn out. The angel that led me here, was my dad. I never thought I’d see him again.

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