This is the final part of my dream. I’m glad that you stayed through every last part of it and enjoyed it. ^_^

 The next morning before I went to school, they all told me to kiss them and give them a blow job while pictures were taken. I did it because I didn’t want to be late for class. The whole day was blah and felt like a dream. I looked forward to my last class to see what my teacher had in store for me. All kinds of ideas were flowing though my head as I sat though all my classes waiting for the last one. It was strange though. As I went through the school day I saw a lot of girls in slutty outfits and everyone being very sexual with each other. This normally doesn’t happen here, but I paid no mind to it at all. I was just happy to be at school and get a break from having sex.
 I went to my last class and listened to my teacher teach. He stopped teaching and told me to go up to the front of the room. I listened to him and faced him. He turned me around to face the class and then he ripped my shirt opened. I gasped out and covered myself and asked him what he was doing. This kind of attention was making me wet though. I wasn’t sure why though. It was very strange to think of it. Next my teacher ripped off my skirt and then he started to finger me in front of the whole class. I moaned out and covered my face. I heard some of the kids get excited over my body which made me blush really hard.
 Just before things got heated up I heard a loud slam which woke me up from my strange dream. Everything that had happened was just a dream and I was sitting in my classroom…all alone. I looked around and saw that all my classmates have left. This was very strange indeed. I looked up and saw my teacher staring right at me. I swallowed hard and waved at him. He had no smile on his face what so ever. “You know you have been asleep though my whole class and on top of that you were moaning quite loudly. It was very distracting that I had to move the rest of the class out of here so that you could enjoy your sick twisted dream.”
 It was a dream? So I dreamt up that my teacher, brother, cousin, uncle, and father was fucking me. How could that all be? I moved around in my seat and then felt that I was drenched in my own cum. Holy shit, I pretty much had a wet dream and made myself cum from just thinking. I stood up and looked at my skirt and saw that it was completely wet. I heard my teacher clear his throat and then looked down and saw that he had a boner. I looked up at him and he said, “You know, I think that you should be punished for sleeping though my class and moaning quite loudly.” He walked over to me and then ran his hand up my leg all the way up to my pussy, gave it a slight rub and then pulled his hand away and licked his fingers off.
 ”My, you are a wet slut aren’t you?” With an evil smile he bent me over my own desk and started to give me a little spank. I started to moan in complete pleasure. This was more than I could handle. He moved my panties out of the way and then started to finger me. I was so tight that it turned him on so much that he just pulled out his cock and rammed it into me. I let out a loud scream and he quickly covered my mouth. He leaned over to whisper in my ear and said, “God, you are so loud. Mmmm and so tight. I love it so much.” He fucked me hard and then picked me up and laid me on his desk so that he could fuck my pussy at another angle.
 He lifted my legs and started to go in deeper than before and deeper than I thought he did in my dream. I was moaning and screaming out that he had to cover my mouth. He moved his hand and then placed it on my neck and gave it a little squeeze. This make me much wetter than I already was. I clenched my pussy around his thick cock and he moaned out. He pulled out and lay on his desk and pulled me on top of him and made me ride him. He had his hand over my throat so that I would moan out any louder to where we both would get in trouble. As he thrust, I bounced giving us both pleasure.
 He ran his nails down my back and with that I came. I came so hard and much that I made a mess all over the place that my own cum started to leak onto the floor. My teacher came to and when we finished I collapsed onto him breathing very hard. My world was rocked way more than it was in my dream. As I laid there, he made his cock twitch inside me and it made me shiver and want to come again. I got off him and tried to stand, but my knees were too weak and I was so dizzy. What had happened to me? I tried to stand my ground, but it was hard. I sensed him behind me so I turned around. He smiled an evil smile and then placed his hand around my throat again and looked me in the eye.
 ”You belong to me now.” He tilted my hand and bit down on my neck really hard. So hard to the point…I actually woke up. Everything was a dream within many dreams. I myself didn’t have this happen to me, but I did picture that my master was being every last person. Thank you for reading my weird dream. I hope you had many kicks out of it.

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  • elee on Sep 4, 2012

    thanks for this write up

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