Fred asks Nissa what she thinks it would be like if she moved far away.

That night at the coffee shop, Nissa began to tell Fred how awful her day had been. She said, “So, I get home last night, and my mom starts yelling at me about seeing you and missing the grading sheet thing. Then, I get up this morning, and she is still going on and on about how I shouldn’t be seeing you and that you’re trying to prevent me from doing my job. And then, I get to the institution, Mrs. Waverly is crazy, and I find out that all of the students failed their projects. Now, if that is not a bad day I don’t know what is.” Fred said, “I think it’s especially bad because your story starts from last night. So really, it’s like a bad night that got carried over into the next day. Now that is harsh.” She said, “Welcome to my world.”

Fred then thought about what she had actually said, and stated, “But why is your mom so concerned with what you’re doing? Doesn’t she have her own stuff to worry about?” Nissa said, “You would think.” He said, “I’m beginning to see why you want to move away.” She said, “Yeah, and it’s looking like more and more of a possibility.

Fred said, “Just out of curiosity, if you could move away, where would you go?” She said, “I don’t know. I wouldn’t go anywhere too far away, but I would go somewhere that is far enough that people will think that I’m no longer around.” Fred asked, “If you go away, do you think that you’re going to teach somewhere.” She said, “Definitely, but I also want to be able to better myself.” Fred knew that Nissa was very ambitious.

Nissa said, “Still, I can’t tell you whether or not I am going to do it, but I do want to consider it. It is always good to have possibilities. After all, I may just find one day that I can’t take it anymore and I’ll need to go off somewhere and do something else.” Fred said, “That is very true. I think though, that we can make this work. First, I want you to see where you would want to move to. Then, I want to you find a place that you would want to work at. That way, it would seem more realistic.” She said, “I’ll see what I can do. This is something that we are going to need to work on.” As much as Nissa wanted to move away, there was still that part of her that was afraid of actually doing it.

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