A vampiristic teen story.

I was driving my car when it happened. I have no idea from where or how he got there since it was so sudden. No, I was a great, marvellous driver so it wasn’t my fault. I am certain of that. he just appeared there out of nowhere. I quickly turned the car around and, luckily for me and him, I managed to stop before hitting anything, including him before the turn. When I opened my eyes I felt something strange: two extremely bright dots were penetrating my brain. No, it did not hurt, it felt liberating. All my thoughts and the emotional pain from the past few weeks were gone. Then I understood that it wasn’t something I was imagining, but the man’s eyes. I had no idea how he had managed to get in front of my car so fast, I did not know why he would do it, but he was there and had done it again. His eyes were staring into mine and because of this I felt good. What was happening? I had no idea, but I went out of the vehicle and neared him. He looked at me very strangely, as though I was some kind of an intruder and had just passed the imaginary boarder of his personal space. He stepped backwards and continued to observe me.

“Stop doing that!” I told him, because the feeling of being watched in this way was somewhat terrible. I felt like some lab-rat, being stared at while passing through a tiny labyrinth. “Are you alright?” I asked, trying to see if I had hit him.

“Uhuh…” the man said in an undertone. He was still inspecting me, now even circling slowly around me. It was getting absurd already.

“It is getting absurd now! Stop looking at me and come to the local clinic. We should have you checked. I might have done something to you and wouldn’t like you to be hurt. Okay?”

“No, problem. I am fine. You have very good control over this… machinery,” he said. It felt as though English wasn’t his first, native language, although he had a pure British accent. He might have lived elsewhere for a long time. But why was I thinking about this? It was strange.

“Are you certain? You want some water?” I asked, but then our eyes met once more and it happened.

I was floating around the city, seeing it as though for the first time in my entire bicentennial life. Yes, I knew I was that old, and yet… I considered it a short period. There was so much more left for me to live through, to feel… No. Feelings were a past. They were never coming back. I was never going to feel love, hate or even envy again. They were all gone when I accepted the gift. Because I considered it a true gift – immortality wasn’t as easy to accomplish by yourself without getting to be in somebody’s debt.

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