Is anything certain in the world today.

            “I have been sensing evil for a while but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. I thought it was just a natural shift from light to dark that would be reversible at some point. I didn’t realize that it was of this magnitude.” Said Aimmee

            “Believe me neither did I, but we must load every one up. You get the plane ready I’ll give the briefing remember everything I said is to be kept secret only you and I know this”  I said

            Aimmee nodded and with that we went on with what we had to do. I went to the living and said in a loud voice. “there has been a change in plans we will be going to St. Louis Missouri today for a vacation. But we must stick together at all times and if Aimmee or I give you a command you are to follow it without question. This is so we can do what we want to do much faster so we can get out of there and start the war with Canada sooner. But for now just know this there may be another kind of war that we encounter first” I said “No I will not be answering questions I just want everyone to get in the plane in the back Aimmee and I will be flying it. Go back and be on the plane in an hour.”

            With that I left the room and went to the cockpit where I took the copilots chair next to Aimmee. As soon as I sat down she said. “We must be prepared for an all out war. I don’t think we can win this one. We may only be able to win is if a massive break goes our way”

            “We must hope for this because with every passing second I have less and less faith in our ability to win this war. I think this may turn into an all out struggle for control of the planet” I said

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