Is anything certain in the world today.

            “But look the light has returned” said Brian.

            “That is good but still what you did was quite boneheaded. That was more boneheaded then when I sunk England to the bottom of the ocean. I am going to punch you in the face and you are not allowed to defend yourself because you must be punished for what you did.”

            I wound up for the punch and ran at Brian at full speed just before I hit his face a girl who I had never seen before grabbed my arm.

            “Who are you and get off my teammate” Aimmee said. She spoke for me because the only thing that I could think of saying was I am going to kill you.

            The girl said. “I am a cook I am a ninja like you I came here to fight the darkness as well. I have heard of your team and I know that someday I would like to join it but I would like to give you some advice. Sometimes a mistake can be a blessing in disguise I learned this when I was young and I would like to pass it on to you. I must go spend some more time in the field but I must work alone forever.

            With that she was gone. I hoped she would join our team some day as she seemed very intelligent and was obviously very agile as seen when she blocked my punch I was running at full speed.

            The six of us went back to the airplane and when we got there I said to the team. “I think it is obvious that we were not on vacation and that that was a mission to destroy the pure evil that created that darkness. We were successful in that because of Brian’s decision to knock the arch on me it did not harm me but it destroyed all of our enemies. I was angry at Brian because I thought he had done something that served no purpose something that ninjas must never do because everything we do that serves no purpose gives our opponents an advantage that we may never be able to get back. Either Aimmee or I thought that we would have to knock a building down to win this war. The reason being the last time we knocked a building down Big Ben we destroyed England. Luckily we were able to restore England back to its original state by rebuilding Big Ben. I should tell you that because we have learned everything from experience if something has failed for us in the past we do not think of it as something we can still use. We think of it as something we should never do again. Aimmee and I thought this would come down to a fist fight. But it came down to destroying a national landmark which I suppose is fine since we managed to destroy some of pure evil.”

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