Is anything certain in the world today.

            “I will have Canada for you in a minute” said the guard

            “That is good now off with you and bring us the deed to Canada” said Adriana

            I turned to her and said. “You can’t just buy a country so I do not think that they have deeds.

            I then walked over to Aimmee and whispered in her ear. “We must gain control of the planet swiftly I sense dark forces meddling in the affairs of the universe”

            “I feel it to, but I don’t think that they are near this planet yet” said Aimmee

            “Exactly that is why we must do this swiftly so that we can prepare the earth for what is coming this may be the one time that you and I must find our strength in our ability to lead large numbers of people. We must contact the ninja academy immediately so they know that they need to begin recruiting more people and they need to train everyone to have at least one year of field experience from what they learn in class they must run simulations. This will not be like the real thing but you and I are not prepared for what we are going to be facing in the future. And if the two greatest ninjas to ever roam the earth are not ready to face what is coming how can we expect novices to be able to contend with what we will be contending with. This is a highly dangerous situation. I truly think that St. Louis was the begging and not the end like I told you the other day in my study. This may have been the beginning of the end but I don’t think we can rely on luck any more. As luck is a crux for people that do not have the skills to do something. And I do not think that we had the skills to defeat what we were facing, nor do I know what we were facing. I think you were right in your initial thoughts of extraterrestrial involvement the fact that these forces are coming from a distant part of the universe can only mean that it is not human made.” I said

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