Is anything certain in the world today.

            “Unless a space mission turned evil”

            “Normally I would think that was stupid but at this point we cannot rule anything out and even the slightest rumors of extraterrestrials must be regarded as true even if there is no proof as all out war is what we are preparing for a war that we both know the world thinks will never come but I know that the two of us know that this war is inevitable. This is a war that we may not be able to prepare for because people do not believe that it is coming. This means that  we must keep all that we know from our teammates they will be our puppets at times and we must use them that way until we see fit to take to war and we may have to go to war much earlier then we want to because as with all wars we are not fully in control of every variable. The most notable one being that we could be attacked at any point.” I said then I looked up and saw an airplane above us. I looked at Aimmee.

            “We must ban all air travel in the places that we control and make flight punishable by life in jail. That way if something flies above us we know that war is coming” said Aimmee

            “That war has probably already begun I believe that all over the universe there are people fighting for control of the universe. This means that when we enter the war everyone will be against us so we must make sure that we protect every member of our species right now and that we create billions more members of it right now. Hopefully we will be able to enslave other races to do our dirty work but what if I am wrong and this war has already been won by one group that did not know of the existence of earth, and when they found us they decided it would be a good idea to take us over. Not realizing that humans have something they cannot have and that is the ability to be stupid and make rash decisions. If the life forms are highly evolved they must have gotten rid of stupidity but they cannot have done that sometimes doing something stupid can throw your opponent off of their game. And when we do something that to them seems stupid it will be a calculated risk that we know we will wind up better off after we perform the maneuver that is one of the times that living in the moment can be beneficial to someone. Though we will have a plan going into battle it must always be able to be modified. This allows someone to be reactive to the other persons plan but it also allows us to be proactive as we have a plan that may have some loops in it. Or multiple ways to get to the same result.” I said

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