Is anything certain in the world today.

            As Aimmee and I were talking the guard had returned with the paperwork that gave us control of Canada I grabbed it and signed Aimmee and my names two it. The reason for this was because there were only two spaces to sign and Aimmee and I were the logical choices to fill those two signature spots as it was our idea to take over the world and we were the only ones who knew why we were taking over earth.  As I thought about what I had said to Aimmee I realized that this mission would be the most important one we have embarked on to date. And we had only seven years of experience behind us. This mission would leave the fate of the earth in our hands. This is something that I did not know we would be capable hands for the job. But we are the best there ever was so we had to be able to do this if we were unable to we would not be able to call ourselves the best we wouldn’t be failures but we would not be able to call ourselves the best. I decided that it would be best to stop worrying about the war that was to come and continue to focus on the war at the hand the war to take over earth. I figured I could do this via treaties and bureaucracy for the most part and that violence would be used only as a last resort.

            The six of us went into the capital building and signed into law a flight ban. Brian came over and said. “Does that flight ban include our plane”

            “No” I said     

            “Why” asked Brian

            “In case we need to use it” I said.

            “Why would we need to use the airplane.” Asked Brian.

            “Because it is the fastest way of transport over vast distances and we need to be able to able to travel all around the globe in hours because we are trying to take it over” I said

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