Is anything certain in the world today.

            I thought that it would be a good idea to take the two as a package, they seemed to know each other quite well, there didn’t seem to be any romantic involvement that could cause distractions which was good. I called Aimmee into the room. Aimmee and I were the only ones who made decisions regarding the future of the team because having worked together for six years we knew what would work with the team. Jeremy and Briana had only been working with us and each other for a mere six months, they barely knew each other let alone Aimmee and I, were I to let them chose who joined the team I can only imagine the results would be disastrous. Though thinking back to the first time Aimmee and I tried to expand after two years I realized that even what we do could have dire consequences. Though I think the knowledge we gained in the four years since that day will really help us out now. Though often times in the past I have been wrong. This time though I had a feeling that I would be right. 

            Aimmee agreed that Brian and Adriana would be the best choices to join our team as the fifth and sixth man. I called the ninja academy to organize when they would arrive in Buffalo while Aimmee explained the situation to Jeremy and Briana. The school told me that they would be at my house in exactly twenty two hours, which was perfect because it would be 7am at that point two hours after the four of us wake up every day.

            I went to the living room where the other three were gathered and said. “As Aimmee has told you we will be gaining two new member’s tomorrow, I have just gotten off the phone and found out that they will arrive here at 7am tomorrow. This means that we can get out on our next mission by noon tomorrow but I will not have us leaving at noon we will leave the next day so we have time to acquaint with each other. This means we will just be hanging out for their first day. And then we will go on our next mission.”

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