Is anything certain in the world today.

            “But we may only have a week to have them figure that out” said Aimmee

            “We mustn’t kid ourselves we may have only a day to figure this out” I said. “We need to have total control of the world by the end of the day”

            “Is that possible”

            “It is now” I said as I pressed a button.

            “What did you just do” asked Aimmee

            “I sent a message to the rest of the world saying that if they do not give us control of everything by the end of the day. If they do not we will destroy the entire planet there will be only six survivors if I do that. They know that I am not joking because I blew up Utah a second ago.”

            Aimmee and I went into the capital building and spent the rest of the day answering phone calls. One by one she and I gained control of the countries of the world. After six hours of answering phone calls Aimmee and I became supreme rulers of earth. All that was left for us to do was wait and prepare. Sadly we did not know what we were preparing for all we knew is that pure evil was at work here. And pure evil is something that like dark matter is something that no one on earth truly understands. I do not know if we will be able to describe what we will be fighting but I do not that whatever it is the fate of humanity would depend on how well Aimmee and I did as the leaders of a war that no one believed was possible. We signed a law effectively ending flight anywhere in the world. The police were told to report everything that flew back to Aimmee and I at headquarters where we would make a decision on what to do. Aimmee and I knew that if the forces we were fighting were to land on earth that we would be put at a horrible disadvantage. I was considering sending a fleet into space but at this point I did not have the man power to send a fleet into space and I had at one point had a space ship but it was destroyed when it was hit by a comet. So I would need to get many more ships and people before I would be able to put an army into space. I am not sure if there are enough ninjas in the world to fight this war. A war that we have to win.

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