Is anything certain in the world today.

            “What is our next mission” asked Briana

            “War with Canada” I said

            “Why” asked Jeremy

            “To take it over” said Aimmee

            “That should be easy why we need six people” asked Briana

            “We need six people because once we have Canada we will go after the world we will prey on the weak first. So that means countries like Canada will be the ones we take over first and then since we are all immortal we will be able to fight the most powerful militaries in the world without suffering any casualties. We do this because the world needs new unified leadership so that the people of the world start acting better or they will be killed. Much like what we attempted to do three weeks ago just this time it will be legal because we will be rulers of earth. This time though the war will probably cause many deaths due to people being scared about six people singlehandedly destroying whole armies so they will hide and will eventfully die. This makes our jobs easier.” I said

            “How will these two fit in with our fighting style” asked Briana

            “Same way everyone is when they start working together it will be very rough but through practice they will get the hang of it” said Aimmee

            “This will probably take a few days as this is their first field experience so they will spend time trying to learn through mimicry which will probably cause them to get into the flow of things quicker than someone with a year of two of experience.” I said

            “But what about people like you with six years of experience” asked Jeremy

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