Is anything certain in the world today.

            “why” asked Adriana

            “There are something’s you are not meat to know and that is one of them” said Aimmee

            “Why can’t you tell us” asked Adriana

            “We cannot tell you because you have no experience in the field and you must have at least 3 years of field experience before we share our secret with you and we have only shared this secret with one person who left earth to live on Jupiter. She has been very successful on Jupiter and keeps in contact with us once every year.” I said

            “What you say makes no sense it is almost as if the two of you are clouded in secrecy” said Brian

            “I knew you were a good one when I saw you. You are correct we are surrounded in secrecy because after 7 years in the field you realize that even your teammates cannot be told everything there are some secrets you can never tell anyone except a person who needs your secret to survive through some kind of grave danger.” Said Aimmee

            “Which one of you is in charge of the team” asked Adriana

            “Both of us are in charge of the group but I usually take the lead  because we have discussed how things should work and we both agree that I am better at leading a team but that Aimmee is perfectly capable of leading a team whenever she needs to. Which is quite frequently because she and I can seamlessly transition from one to” Aimmee stopped short

            “To the other” I said

            “I see where did you learn that” asked Brian.

            “From experience” said Aimmee and I simultaneously

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