Minute stories.

At present Bonis, there was a movement in the three appeared to obey the impulse of the same mandate of consciousness, Emma dropped the neck and shoulder Gaetano, this jumped, separating from Emma, ​​and Reyes moved resolved, with a gesture of claim to occupy the site of Minghetti. Emma grabbed more anxiety, more confidence with sturdy neck and chest of her husband, who felt the contact of the nails and the very strong shaking, nervous, a strange new delight, indirectly revealed the presence of being that looked so desire. That was it, yes, he, the son who was there, which was announced by the pain of the mother with the sad and mysterious solemnity, grave, sublime in its uncertainty, all the great moments of wildlife.

In Emma’s desperate push each new pain, Bonis was, besides the natural effects of female weakness in such a hurry, besides mere physiological phenomena, the character of the wife saw selfishness, tyranny, cruelty always . A percentage of damage that Emma was relying on him, and as trying to convey by contact of the pain, to deliver, she attributed to the desire to annoy Bonis, to make him suffer for nothing.

– Let me die, Bonis, I’m dying, ’she cried, perched on her husband.

The weight seemed to him sweet and loving voice. He sought the face of Emma, ​​who was leaning on his chest, and found an expression like the Melpomene on the front of the Gallery dramatically. Terrified eyes, with some doubt, from the mother, did not express tenderness of any kind, for she thought fixed on the son he thought of nothing but suffering, and that she might die, and that it was an atrocity die and others to stay here. He suffered and was furious, took the set, in the supreme hour, as one condemned to death, innocent, but resigned and attached to life. There was a time when Bonis thought he felt the sharp teeth of his wife in the neck meat.

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