Using the text tool: the text is used to add text different styles in the picture. To add the title using the text tool.

1.       Click the text A tool in the tool box.

2.       Click at the place in the drawing area where you want the title.

3.       Drag the mouse diagonally to the size you want. A dotted lined box appears.

4.       Right- click inside the box. A pop-up menu appears.

5.       Check whether the text tool bar option is ticked. If it is not ticked, click the option. A horizontal bar called text toolbar appears. The size of the text will be shown in the tool bar.

6.       Change the text size to 12.

7.       Click inside the dotted lined box.

8.       Type the text in that box.


Note : you can enter text in the dotted lined box only once. After you click outside the box, you cannot change the text again.

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