Writing a novel is never easy, especially the introduction, but here it goes, Hope you like!

Franny let out a cackling scream while jumping up and down like an erratic elevator in the middle of New York City.  Her day had finally come and she was not afraid of showing her jubilant manner in front of others.  “I won the scratch off lottery ticket, honey!  We are not quite rich, but I think that $600 smackers will pay off some of those pesky bills!  Franny did the limbo dance in front of her not so amused hubby, Jackson.

Gee, Fran.  I just shudder to think what you would do if you won the major jackpot; I think the entire house would fall on its own foundation like a deck of cards.  Just give me some warning before you give me a heart attack, okay?  Jackson gave Franny a cold hard stare before retreating to his newspaper.  He lived to read the daily news, he was a true news addict.

Jackson’s dream in life was to work as a news reporter in the middle of downtown San Antonio, but nobody gave him the time of day.  He was stuck in his mundane job of serving raspberry margaritas to the locals while they would take in the breathtaking sights of the Riverwalk.  His job was not so bad, he got some sun exposure in the warm outdoors and he was getting his Vitamin D from the UV light.

Franny and Jackson had spent the day going shopping for purses, clothes, and other necessary accessories.  After the shopping spree, they headed down to the Taco Shack and ordered 10 mammoth chili burritos smothered with Monterrey Jack cheese.  They both had gooey cheese dangling from their chins, but they did not care, they had money to burn and just one life to live


Liked it
  • Jeff Powers on May 17, 2012

    It’s important to celebrate little things

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