This is a very short story on what happened in my dream last night. I found it as a shock this morning. This is a story of romance, hate, deceit & slight violence.

Please Comment as the story has a few blank bits and jumps to another part in the story.

The Characters:

Priya – One of my friends (Girl)

Karl – Another friend (Boy)

Wayne Rooney – Football Player – Man. utd.

Me – Nabil – Main Character – :)

A group of children (12-13)

It starts at the end of a sports activity after school. We were all in a sort of dead garden, it had beige walls, and cracks in most of them. The Main bit all kicked off when me and Priya started dancing together (romantically) in front of everyone. Then the second weirdest thing happened. We kissed :o . For about 5 – 7 seconds. Then after everyone was gone. I tried to carry her across the street, She fell :(   I picked her up, and we walked across.

Everything went black, I was back in the garden with Karl. He pointed at something I looked to see what it was about. I saw Wayne Rooney chasing Priya and trying to attack her. I was furious, not only because of what happened before, but also that he tried to attack my friend! I just said one thing, “Where the **** is he!?”

Karl pointed at one more thing, the most shocking bit of the story. Wayne Rooney was kneeling down just meters away from me and him. facing Priya, he took out a wedding ring. We couldn’t hear what they were saying but I was pretty sure i knew. They were both smiling, Priya covering her mouth. Rooney with a slight smile. Me and Karl, stood gob-smacked.

Very, short story as i said i just woke up and started writing these things down.

Written by – Nabil Said

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  • Errmm on Jan 7, 2010


    Gess Huu ii Amm Nabiil !!!!!!!

    Hhahaha,,, LOol :L:L:L

    Dahz JOkesz :L

  • Netty net on Jan 18, 2010

    No wow

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