Yellina has been friends with Sarah for a long time, but she is also friends with Mandy. Mandy and Sarah do not get along.

Yellina lived in a quiet neighborhood near the institution. She had a relatively normal life. Both of her parents were always there to help her and to listen to her. Yellina was not the type of person that wouldn’t defend herself, but she had good manners and was not argumentative.

Yellina had been attending the institution since she was three years old, and when she was there, Sarah was the first person that she met. They have continued to be friends ever since. Yellina could never imagine anything different.

Yellina likes hanging around with Sarah because Sarah is very popular. Sarah always has her hair in the most stylish fashions, she has great makeup, and even though she mostly wears jeans, she can somehow make them look as if they have come out of a department store window. Yellina feels that if she hangs around with Sarah, some of this will rub off on her. Also, Sarah’s mother lets Sarah do things that Yellina’s mother would never allow. Sarah stays home alone sometimes, she goes out late on school nights, and she goes out on dates with different boys without giving it another thought. A lot of times, Yellina worries that people will assume that she is uncool because her mother barely lets her do anything. This is all the more reason for Yellina to hang around with Sarah.

Yellina likes to hang around with Mandy because compared to Mandy, Yellina seems like the most popular, fashionable person in the world. Mandy always compliments Yellina on how smart she is. Yellina likes this a lot. She also knows that Mandy is someone that likes her for the person that she is. Yellina likes both Mandy and Sarah for different reasons. 

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